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The Federation of Calgary Communities

The Federation of Calgary Communities is dedicated to supporting the 150 community associations in Calgary and the surrounding area, as well as a variety of other community based organizations. Community associations are neighborhood based volunteer organizations. These not-for-profit associations work to provide social, educational and recreational opportunities to residents as well as a sense of belonging. They come in all shapes and sizes and are dedicated to addressing local issues, opportunities and needs. About 100 operate community halls and related facilities. Collectively, the community association network  is the largest volunteer movement in Calgary, with more than 20,000 strong! Click here to learn more.


The University of Calgary’s Urban Studies Program

Urban Studies is designed to provide an integrated understanding of the social, political, economic, cultural and geographic processes that shape urban life.  Cities are sites of great cultural and ethnic diversity, economic innovation, resource consumption, wealth generation, and political conflict and cooperation.  Today, most developed societies are predominantly urban; understanding the processes that shape cities and the ways in which cities shape processes operating on other scales, lies at the hear of Urban Studies. Click here to learn more.


Fairview Community Association

The community of Fairview, established in the late 1950’s, is experiencing something of a renaissance. Once aging and deteriorating, in recent years we have witnessed a remarkable regeneration of our arena, former community association building turned community arts centre and a revival of our community association. We have welcomed many young families in recent years and continue to welcome back those who left many years ago. We are riding a wave of momentum to continue regeneration of our parks and playgrounds, build and expand our events and programs, develop strong ties to business and community groups and serve our greater community. Click here to learn more.