Thank You!

On Januray 30, a number of Fairview Residents and our Acadian neighbours got together to talk about ideas for the future of Fairview. Thank you to everyone who came out and joined in.

At the session, we talked about what local residents want Fairview to look like in 50 years, what stands in the way of getting there, and what could help achieve that 50 year vision. We mapped out some of the places that make Fairview a great community and the places that could use improvement.

All of this was recorded by University of Calgary Urban Studies students, who are now working at creating a vision for Fairview based on what they heard. On April 16, they will be presenting this vision back to the community- we hope to see you there! To be notified when registration for the follow-up session is open, sign up at Or just check back here soon!

A special thanks goes out to Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra and his team, who provided our maps for the workshop, and to MLA Brandy Payne for attending and showing her support as well!


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